We help entrepreneurs remove barriers to get their startup off the ground and ready to scale.

The obstacles we faced as early entrepreneurs gave birth to the concept of Realm Labs. Starting a company from scratch is difficult - extremely difficult.  We believe that the current venture capital model is broken, and we seek to fix it and remove barriers for entrepreneurs with strong industry experience.

We want to aid those entrepreneurs in finding investors, finding board members and building a proper team. We think entrepreneurs should be first priority, not viewed as fund returns. We think great entrepreneurs can come from anywhere, not just the Bay Area.

We want to get the entrepreneur as far as possible before raising money.  We don’t have a fund, we don’t have LPs; we only advocate for the entrepreneur.


Is Realm Labs right for you?

You’re an entrepreneur who knows their industry extremely well, but you’re growing frustrated with working at a larger company. Whether it’s commercial real estate, insurance, banking, capital markets or education; you’ve been in the industry for at least 4 years and you’ve identified a market need. You’re ready to devote a years to the venture.