Why Realm Labs

Realm Labs is nothing like your common startup studio. Realm Labs only works with 3 or 4 companies at a time, because giving you our undivided attention and support is what matters most to us. We do not ask for any costs upfront from our entrepreneurs. We don’t treat you like a widget number in the startup studio cog. We chose you because you are someone we truly believe in and will dedicate time and resources too. We’re not prioritizing fund returns, ask you to move to SF or something else ridiculous.

Realm Labs will not waste your time with demo days that never gain traction. We dive head first into the stuff that really matters for the future success of the company. We will allocate a mentor to your specific industry and they will work with you 1:1 in order to refine and crystallize your idea. We will provide honest and straightforward feedback on the technical and operational reality of your venture. Our team doesn’t sit back and let you do all the work. We will do the research, design, coding and marketing too!

Once we have a handle on the basics, we will work on creating and refining your pitch deck and rehearsing the pitch itself with CONSTANT refinement. Next, we will educate and eventually track the metrics that you will need to show to investors to validate market. Once we feel confident in those metrics, we will make an introduction to our select investor groups at the seed and series A level.

Realm Labs is made of seasoned entrepreneurs who have made plenty of mistakes in the beginning of their own successful careers. Learn from us so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes.