The Realm Labs program lasts for 90 days upon initial intake. We only accept 5% of total applications submitted but don’t get discouraged. Try again! You do not need to get an introduction from an existing contact. You don’t need to be in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, NYC or Boston. We don’t care. Be knowledgeable in your domain and hungry. We will work on the rest! No fees. We only ask for 5% equity if we decide to move forward after initial intake.

What we offer:

  • 1:1 mentorship with leadership and expertise within the select industry you’ve chosen. And you will receive some support from all of us.

  • A well maintained network compromised of top seed and series A venture investors.

  • A well manicured talent network of engineers, data scientists, product designers and digital marketing experts.

  • Network of top executives in each of these industries commercial real estate, finance, insurance and education.

  • Legal structure corporate filings, term sheets, patent law and others.