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Realm Labs teaches startups how to get attention from investors and potential paying customers, free to the community.
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Learn from our 10+ years experience working with and evaluating startups for investment

We bring a wealth of experience as founders and operators. Our aim is to give this knowledge to underrepresented founders and give them the best chance to succeed.

Nathan Martinez

Currently leading multiple software products for Anthem AI. Previously led the North America Innovation Lab for Euler Hermes (company of Allianz). Has also joined, advised, and created multiple startups in the past within the fintech and insurtech space.

Avi Konduru

Previously led AI Research and Development at DeepRisk as well as database engineering at Signapay. Has lots of experience working at or building startups in the fintech space including his most recent venture, SwayChange.

How do you get attention from potential customers and investors in the sea of market noise

With the reduced costs associated with making startups we have seen a proliferation of them. This means the hard part is getting people interested in your product. We can help with that.

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Become an expert on how to market your startup to potential customers and investors

No more guesswork. We’ll teach how to get the eyeballs of your potential customers and investors. We give you a hands-on curriculum based on our own startup experiences, from both the successes and failures. We will be sharing details on how we start and finish digital marketing campaigns and investor outreach campaigns. We will hold back no details.

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What Realm Labs offers to you


Our main offering will be free pre-recorded and live video modules going over everything from SEO, to producing viral content, to identifying competitors, to running sophisticated Facebook ad campaigns and more.


For our most dedicated members we will so provide hands-on guidance on how they can increase the exposure they get for their startup. This will include things like face-to-face insights and office hours.


No person should be an island unto themselves so we are also creating a discord community where our members can provide their own insights and ask us questions.

Giving opportunity to those who need it most

We are two seasoned software consultants and startup veterans who got tired of seeing the same people over and over again get startup funding. We believe the system is flawed for both investors and startup founders. We intend to change that.

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