Silicon Valley doesn’t have a monopoly on good startup ideas


What Does This Look Like?

you are:

An entrepreneur who is experienced in one of the following industries commercial real estate, banking, capital markets, insurance, construction management and education. You’ve been tracking recent developments in one of the following fintech, insurtech, proptech, construction tech or edtech. You recognize a need in the market and you’ve just started to crystallize the idea. You understand the value chain, ecosystem and work flow of the product and where the blind spots are with existing offerings. You’re willing to dedicate at least 15 to 20 hours a week to the project and work with us to build out your team.


what we do:

  • 1:1 real mentorship with leading industry experts who have the time to dedicate to you. We don’t just tell you what to do we roll up our sleeves and do the work too! Mentors must dedicate a certain amount of time to you or they will not continue with the Realm Labs program.

  • Support and guidance in configuring all of the necessary elements to help assemble advisory board, assemble engineering team, craft a pitch deck, rehearse pitch deck, setup analytics and metrics tracking.

  • We give you access to a well maintained network of top venture capital investors interested in your industry.

  • Education and guidance on proper legal framework including incorporating documents, term sheets, patent law and other relevant legal documentation you will need.


what we’re not:

Just as important as telling you what we do is telling you what we don’t do. After all entrepreneurs don’t like to waste time and we don’t want to waste yours! We are not interested in non-enterprise startups at this time. This is not our experience and we would add very little value to you. Our team has experience in finance, insurance, commercial real estate and similar related fields. We do offer an application process for entrepreneurs and mentors but typically we will approach you about a concept we’re working on. Of course, there will be exceptions but in the interest of full transparency this will be atypical if we decide to move you forward. We have to be very selective due to the low volume of startups we work with.


 why realm labs?

Realm Labs approaches startups differently than Y Combinator or 500 startups. We only work with 3-4 or hand selected entrepreneurs at a time and we give you our undivided attention and support. We don’t have fund returns to worry about so we don’t have investors to worry about it. We don’t put investors ahead of the entrepreneur. We make decisions and provide long term support that will be in the best interest of you and your company. We do not ask for any upfront fees and we won’t ask you to relocate to the Bay Area and spend a lot of money on rent and living expenses. We want the money going towards things that matter. We just ask for your dedication and time to the project…no small thing!

Realm Labs will not waste your time with demo days with non investors, instead we will dive into the research, recruiting and infrastructure that will make your company successful. We will allocate a mentor for your specific industry and they will work with you 1:1 in order to refine your idea and more. Will provide honest and straightforward feedback to you and get into the technical and operational health of your venture. Our mentor and team will work with you on everything from research, recruiting board members, go to market strategy, engineering, pitch deck to setting up your metrics to track.

Once the basics are covered, we will work on creating and refining your pitch deck and will work with you on rehearsing the pitch itself. Next, we will educate you on the specific metrics that you will need to show to a potential investor in order to exhibit the market traction you need to receive funding.

Realm Labs is made of seasoned entrepreneurs who have made plenty of mistakes in the beginning of their own successful careers. Learn from us so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes we did.

realm lab values

The obstacles we faced as early entrepreneurs gave birth to the concept of Realm Labs. Starting a company from scratch is extremely difficult. We believe the current pre-seed venture capital value chain is broken, and we seek to fix the hand off from concept/pre-seed to seed and series A and remove the barriers for entrepreneurs with strong industry experience. We think entrepreneurs should be first priority, not viewed as fund returns. We want to get the entrepreneur as far as possible before attempting to raise money.

We don’t have a fund. We don’t have LP’s to answer to. We only advocate for the entrepreneur! We spend our own money and time on these projects.


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