Web and Blockchain Development




The Challenge

Blockchain development presents unique challenges not found anywhere else. If your internal or contracted development team does not consist of experts- competent isn't good enough within the blockchain protocol. Once an improperly tested application is deployed it will live on the blockchain for good. No one wants that. 



A partner who can audit, architect and build your software project. The wrong architecture and blockchain protocol choices doom a promising project.  We can advise on which blockchain protocol makes sense for your specific token use case and what architectural choices need to be made. 


Public Open Source Blockchain Familiarity

The majority of large enterprises are uncomfortable and unfamiliar with public open source blockchains. This conflicts with the reality of the developer community, the majority of whom are focused on public open source blockchains like Ethereum. The blockchain and architectural choices are clear for entrepreneurs (Ethereum) and enterprises (Corda and Hyperledger)  right now but these choices will likely change in the years ahead. We track both private and public blockchain protocols including technical upgrades and updates on a daily basis. 



We have dedicated ourselves fully to the blockchain ecosystem. It’s what we do. Too many technologists and entrepreneurs have attempted to do this on their own and have failed. We can make sure the project is well tested and the correct architecture choices are made from the start. 

One of our differentiators is an experienced team who that can take a client who isn’t ready for development to start —which is common— from concept to mockup to testing to finished product.


“We are dedicated to the blockchain ecosystem and tracking all of the relevant protocols.”


How We Do It

Our developers are well versed in many protocols Solidity/Ethereum, Composer/Hyperledger and many others so they can meet the diverse and complex engineering needs of our clients. Depending on your needs, Realm Labs can manage the entire project or simply supply expert blockchain design and development resources.





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